The Benefits Of Having A Wiki Page And What They Can Do For A Business Or Personal Brand

Most academic institutions advise against using Wikipedia as a reference source when it comes to citing their research out of fear for a lack of credibility. At the University of Sydney, Australia some lecturers have taking a completely different approach and encourage their students to edit and create a Wikipedia page.

These lecturers have taking a new approach of thinking. In their view it no longer makes sense to have their students be limited by having an audience of just one person to evaluate their work. In our digital world one consistently relies on online content and Wikipedia has become synonymous with helping us find what we are looking for.

It also makes sense to become acquainted with how the real-world does work. If you think about it, many of us many of us no longer peruse actual handwritten articles. We want instant gratification and the old model in which we wrote papers and turned them in for a review is long overdue for a total makeover.

Rebecca Johinke, a senior lecturer in Sydney’s English department completely agrees and understands the importance of her students being able to show-cast their work to the online world. She wanted to instill in her students the importance of a peer-review.

Now I can hear the hard-core conservative people rebut the argument that we should do away with the old model of writing fearing that we will sacrifice quality this way. They will probably argue that professors play an important role in the way we educate our children and there is plenty of time for them to express themselves on the Internet once they graduate. They should stick with having their lecturers evaluate their work because it works they will argue. It is true, that the old model has served us well but does that mean we should limit ourselves in coming up with new creative ideas?

Think about the re-inventive thinking that comes along with taking the University of Sydney’s approach in writing. This way the students will not just learn the art of writing, but will at the same time learn the importance of having to cite their resources. We need to keep reinventing ourselves and the approach lecturers at the Sidney institute have taken might be just the thought provoking originality we have been looking for.

Lets hope that more people and institutions are willing to take a different approach to having their business or personal reputation evaluated with the help of a professionally done Wikipedia page creation.

One such approach can come from hiring Wikipedia editors from a company like Get Your Wiki. This site and Wikipedia writing company promises to professionally create or edit a Wikipedia page that is reliably sourced and styled according to the strict Wikipedia guidelines. Whatever your opinion on this topic one has to admit that Wikipedia is just so darn convenient to help you find what you’re looking for.